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* Within 10 minutes of working with my 'problem' mare, Elaine had her going from rearing, pawing out, bombing off, to being calm, responsive and listening to what was being asked of her.  Elaine makes her coaching sessions both informative and fun.  The sessions go at my pace and ability.  Elaine's coaching has increased my confidence in working with my mare.  I can now see for myself that using natural methods does work.

Moira, Fife. July 2009

* Elaine's coaching sessions are a good, fun way to learn about natural horsemanship.  Her horses are wonderful to work with.  Elaine herself is a friendly, relaxed and very knowledgeable instructor.  I would highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Keith, Fife.  July 2009

* EFT miracle!

When I first saw Elaine, I had not been able to touch my toes for about two months and my back was totally locked up in spasm - I could either stand or lay down but sitting generally brought on more spasms and a lot of pain.  Getting out of bed was extremely difficult to say the least!   I have struggled with problems with my back since being a teenager, and typically some treatment from my physio or worst case senario, muscle relaxants from the GP would break the cycle of pain and get me going again, however this time it was different - nothing was working and to make matters worse, I had no idea what I had done to trigger it.  I had two session of EFT with Elaine. All I can say is WOW - on our first session I was able to touch my toes, my back pain receded from about 8/10 to 2/10 and I was quite comfortable sitting in the chair and able to get up and move around normally without shooting pain afterwards.  


Combining EFT with focusing techniques opened up a whole new inner world to me.  I had no idea I was such a perfectionist ( if somewhat lazy!) and extremely judgemental about myself. Elaine was incredibly sensitive in leading me through the EFT statements to address this without making me feel defensive in any way.  In our second session Elaine set me up with a whole set of guidelines which I could use on my own to adapt my EFT statements and work through a number of emotional issues that I was clearly holding in my body.


Using a combination of EFT and Focusing at home led me to be able to make some radical life changes.  It took about another three weeks for my back to finally settle down, once I had made some of the positive changes I needed.  


It is not always easy to face and deal with difficult emotions - but there is no kidding out bodies we are ok when we are not.  I have always been a coper and just got on with things, clearly my body had had enough of what I was putting it through and objected - strongly! Having someone as perceptive and effective as Elaine to identify the true issues makes a world of difference, both in terms of the effectiveness of the treatments and also the motivation to tackle things that I may otherwise have tried to ignore.


I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough - she literally gave me the key to unlock my back and transform my life.

Jane, Fife. June 2011

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