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Historical information


Anton oet de Broekstreek 

Breed:           Haflinger


DoB:               17/04/02


Registered:  KVTH (Holland) & HSGB            


Height:          149cm


Sire:               Abel    


Dam:             Anika van de Graspeel


Pedigree:     (hyperlink)

Owned in partnership with Mrs. Andi van Mierlo of Tilliochie Haflingers, Anton was a very well-known show and stud stallion in Holland before he joined Clocktower in June 2008.  He was the highest scoring stallion at the January 2008 KVTH IBOP grading in Ermelo, achieving the fantastic score of 98. 


He had just started show jumping before he came over, clearing 1m with ease, bringing home the ribbons.  He had also just begun dressage competition, showing lots of potential to excel in this discipline.  

Clocktower Stud embraces natural management wherever possible.  From being a stallion kept alone, and mainly stabled, in his previous home, Anton adjusted really well to living out with his mares and he just loved being with the foals.


With his fabulous looks and athletic ability Anton is a real eye-catcher, but what impressed us most of all was his wonderful temperament.  He is such a kind boy, completely safe around children and the most gentle of stallions turned out with the foals in the field.  Everyone who sees him is smitten!  


Anton was licensed by the Haflinger Society of Great Britain in July 2009 (Section 1, Class 1 of the Stud Book).  


2010: Due to a change in breeding plans, Anton has now returned to Holland hence is no longer available at stud here.



Note: Although Anton has the appearance of a palamino, genetically Haflingers are Chestnut which will guarantee a chestnut foal born to chestnut mares.  The flaxen gene is recessive.

Anton''s inspection stand 03.07.09
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