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Katja van Steenbergen

Katja is a lovely young Haflinger mare jointly owned by Elaine and Andi van Mierlo of Tilliochie Haflingers.  She joined us in November 2008 and soon had us enchanted by her delightful comical personality and her penchant for trotting excitedly around the field displaying stunning paces.  She is a very active mare and was still showing paces even when very heavily pregnant!


Katja produced her first foal (25th May) to top graded exciting young Dutch stallion Whetu (KVTH National Grading January 2009 - premie 1A).  Given Katja's good grading (KVTH - premie 1B in 2006) we are expecting this filly to be of the highest quality - and she will be big too - Whetu is 152cm!


Katja has just gone back to Holland (November 1st 2009).  We wish her good luck in her new home.




Breed:           Haflinger


DoB:               31-12-2003


Registered:  KVTH


Height:          150cm


Sire:               Argentan


Dam:              Camea



katja age 4 summer 2008
katja age 4 summer 2008 (2)
Katja and foal 7 hrs old 25th May
Katja and foal 2 hr old 25th May
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