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Metherall Lark - for LOAN - lead rein / in-hand show / companion

Lark came to us in summer of 2007 from Cayberry Stud, with a foal at foot (Smot) and in-foal once again (Sunny).   Bred on the moor, she is the perfect broodmare - wise, hardy, healthy and producing stunning foals with no intervention or fuss.  


She's had six years off from maternity duties, enjoying being used for coaching sessions and her beautiful personality endears her to all - she's calm, willing and easily handled by small children.


Lark found a new interest - as a show pony - she adores all the attention!  We brought her out at NPS Scotland on 12th June 2010 - her very first show, and she came 2nd only to a well-known stallion in a good class of Dartmoors and Exmoors.   Go Lark!  


Latest news - Lark has just been re-backed and is loving long-reining out along the lanes and fields.  All we need now is a small rider!  

Breed:           Dartmoor Mare


DoB:               16/05/99


Registered:  Dartmoor Pony Society


Height:          11.2hh  


Sire:              Shelly Playboy


Dam:             White Heather IX


Pedigree:     (hyperlink)

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