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Coaching and Therapy

Not having a good time with your horse?


  • Have you run into relationship difficulties with him / her?

  • Are you experiencing behavioural problems?

  • Or performance issues?

  • Does your horse have psychological / emotional stress problems such as old traumas, phobias, anxiety etc. ?

  • Do you have any emotional issues that are affecting your handling or riding that you would love to conquer?

  • Do you feel like giving up but are still fond of your horse and just want everything to be okay?



Through a combination of energy psychology and healing, animal communication, natural horsemanship and person-centred coaching, many of these problems can be readily solved as our track record proves!

How we can help you and your horse


A.   Consultation


 Includes diagnosis and treatment for human / horse emotional problems affecting behaviour and performance. Management plan suggested.          Full written report provided after the consultation.  



B.   Coaching: Practical Opportunities


  • One-to-one coaching without a horse

  • One-to-one coaching with one of our horses - we have a variety of personality types!

  • One-to-one coaching with your horse

  • Small group sessions


          Designed to facilitate your development and learning


  • Experience practical leadership and friendship training

  • Learn how to consciously use non-verbal communication so that you and your horse understand each other better

  • Build the relationship with your horse through development of trust, respect and acceptance

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem as well as knowledge and skills

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