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Clocktower Training for Dogs and Humans

 Please call  / email to discuss your requirements.  Dr. Elaine Atkins  07989456233   /



Dogs and horses are my passion.  I have a lifetime's experience of owning, training, working and showing a variety of breeds of dogs, and owned the Tyheulog Gundogs kennel back in the 1980's and 90's, competing successfully in gundog working tests and winning some significant show awards too.  I bred one of the very few Irish Water Spaniels ever to win a Field Trial award - the legendary Tyheulog Adarwr.   These days I only have three dogs - a rescue American Cocker Spaniel, Ozzy, who has overcome some significant behavioural issues;  Skye, a Golden Retriever bitch, and her home-bred Goldendoodle daughter, Tess, both of whom are gorgeous, healthy girls and love all animals and people.




a) General training 


   Private training session to result in a well-behaved  dog is offered as follows:


  • heelwork

  • sit

  • wait / stay

  • down

  • door manners

  • greeting visitors

  • recall

  • emergency stop


b) Gundog training is also available.  





Ozzy Cricklands 2017
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