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Clocktower Home Boarding and Training for Dogs

 Please call  / email to discuss your requirements.  Dr. Elaine Atkins  07989456233   /


Leaving your family dog with other people for any length of time can be a source of worry, particularly if he / she is not used to boarding kennels. You may find that your dog is happier in a home environment with its own bed and toys.  


I am licenced for Home Boarding by Monmouthshire County Council and insured for boarding and Dog Training. I can board your dog in the comfort of my Raglan village home  as a member of the family for doggy day care, overnight stays or longer periods.  Your dog will be fed, walked, able to play in a secure, 6' fenced garden and have the company of my own very dog-friendly spaniel and a retriever.  The maximum number of dogs boarding at any one time is two, hence all can receive individual attention and walks.  There are no children in residence.  


Your dog will need to be: dog-friendly, vaccinated and house-trained.  Walks can be tailored to activity level.  Training can be given as an optional extra (see below) to your own requirements.  


Dogs and horses are my passion.  I have a lifetime's experience of owning, training, working and showing a variety of breeds of dogs, and owned the Tyheulog Gundogs kennel back in the 1980's and 90's, competing successfully in gundog working tests and winning some significant show awards too.  I bred one of the very few Irish Water Spaniels ever to win a Field Trial award - the legendary Tyheulog Adarwr.   These days I only have two dogs - a rescue American Cocker Spaniel, Ozzy, who loves to play with other dogs - large or small he doesn't mind and he'll be happy to share the sofa! and the latest recruit - Skye, a gorgeous Golden Retriever young bitch who loves all animals and people.





 a) Care boarding


£22 per 24 hours (single night £3 surcharge)


£18 per day (8 hrs)


£10 per half day (4 hrs)


£4 per additional half-hour walk



b) Training boarding


As above plus £20 per hour individual training



c) General training 


   (non-boarding - private training session) to result in a well-behaved

   dog is offered as follows:


  • heelwork

  • sit

  • wait / stay

  • down

  • door manners

  • greeting visitors

  • recall

  • emergency stop


d) Gundog training is also available.  






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