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Clocktower Tick Tock

Sunny is our rather special first Dartmoor foal to be born at Clocktower.  He is an unusual dark-grey colour, which we hope he will keep as he matures.   His conformation is excellent - he's a real lovely stamp of a Dartmoor.   Sunny’s temperament mirrors his name; he’s always happy, bright and interested in everything and everybody.  A fabulous little chap.  Extremely well handled, haltered and led every day.  Now gelded, he's destined to be a future sports pony.

Breed:           Dartmoor Pony


DoB:               02/05/08


Registered:  Dartmoor Pony Society


Height:          12.2 hh


Sire:              Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale


Dam:             Metherall Lark



Sunny the Stud 4.5 months - 1 20.9.08
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