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Available puppies

Nellie litterof2019.jpg

F1 Standard Goldendoodles

Born 21st July 2022 - Skye (GR) x Blucher (SP)

This is a repeat mating which has produced gorgeous litters of F1 Standards in 2019 and 2020 and Skye has now produced 11 puppies!  Pictured is Nellie (2019).  This will be the last litter of goldendoodles that Skye will have.  Seven puppies were reserved before birth.  Only one pup is still available and she has been trained up  - Stella.    Please contact if you are interested in her.  

















Stella cuddle close up 12 weeks old.jpg

F2b Standard Goldendoodles

Born 22nd July 2022 - Tess (F1) x Rupert (F1b)

This is an exciting new venture for us! F2b Goldendoodles are very low shedding and hence more hypoallergenic than F1 Goldendoodles.  Tess has produced 8 gorgeous puppies in two colours: red and apricot parti-colour. All puppies were quickly reserved and have left for their new homes!

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