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July 2014

Sunny moves to Wales! We're delighted to welcome Sunny to Monmouthshire, where he will go to live with Twiggy and the Daley family.  Great to see you again boy!


December 2013


Elaine and Branwen have now moved yards to Court Farm  just outside Monmouth, where there is excellent outriding and a super arena available for Elaine's groundwork coaching.



May 2013


Elaine has launched a new business in partnership with three other Gwent-based professionals.  It's an amazing new price comparison website called  This is a price comparison site with a difference! You can compare from hundreds of companies to find cheap prices on car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and much much more. You can also find very competitive deals on financial products such as loans, credit cards and mortgages. Whilst You save, WE give - 25% of our company profits to charity.  We have five Associate Charities that we support, including the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies, based just outside Monmouthshire.  Of particular relevance to horsey people is our facility to search for:

a cheap quote for horse insurance, and to

compare horsebox insurance;

compare 4 x 4 car insurance;

or any other type of specialist vehicle insurance.  

Of course, you can also compare car insurance quotes for normal cars! Please do check out the site - the more quotes and policies that are obtained, the more we can donate to charity, and Elaine is especially keen to see the SWHP benefit. Go to



February 2013


Twiggy, Stix and Storm have arrived safely in Monmouthshire to join their new homes nr. Raglan and Usk respectively. They're going to find it warmer down here but wetter.  We now have the original Clocktower herd (all bar Sunny who is staying in Scotland) all living close to each other again!



August 2012


We've been working hard in-between all the showers!  Lark is now re-backed and loves her long-reining out all over the lanes and countryside of Monmouthshire.  We just need a small rider to complete her training and ride her away.  What a little star she is!


Missy is backed too and looks stunning in her saddle!  Once she's had her hock operation she and Branwen will be able to do more than toddle around!  



March 2012


Elaine and Branwen are now settled in Monmouthshire with Goldie, Missy, Lark and Smot.  Missy is soon to be backed - watch this space!  



September 2010


A great time was had by all at the 'Communicating with Horses' Workshop held here on 19th September  

tutored by Sarah-Jane Le Blanc, Animal Communicator and Author of 'Pet Whisperer' (pub. Simon & Schuster 2010) and our four willing equine tutors: Goldie, Smot, Lark and Missy.


For any information on further courses tel Sarah-Jane on 01592 789867