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Catherine has been involved with horses since the age of 9.  Coming from a family with a strong polo background, the need to be amongst her four- legged friends ran in her veins.  She started riding lessons at the local army regiment, which was in walking distance from her home in Johannesburg, South Africa and never looked back. If she wasn't there riding, she would be on her uncle's farm riding his beautiful polo ponies.


In 2000 Catherine married a South African farmer named Murray. In 2001 their first jockey was born (Calyn) and in 2003 their second jockey came along (Struan).


It was apparent that Calyn and Struan both loved ponies - Calyn started riding at two and a half years old, and Struan followed. While the children rode, Catherine got involved in polo and was lucky enough to be able to ride ponies everyday.  In 2005 the Carter family moved to Scotland  and later discovered the Dartmoor pony.







Catherine and Calyn with Twiggy