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Branwen’s second birthday present was a riding lesson.  She didn’t want to get off the small Welsh pony, or go home afterwards.  At five she took to riding properly like a duck to water, and eventually had her first pony, the wonderful Mackintosh, at 8.  He was 13.2 and really a second pony, but she managed, only ever falling off twice, and he lasted until she was 14 when her legs outgrew him.  

Branwen is keen on Showing, and has a roomful of rosettes from competing a variety of horses and ponies both in-hand and under saddle.  She has also done several stints as a steward.  All our handling is done by Branwen, who is a stickler for show preparation.  Even if she doesn’t win, she always has the cleanest pony in the class!  Her ambition is to get to Olympia or HOYS and wear a top hat.  She would have liked to have been a show-jumper too but we never had the right horse. . .




Branwen & Anton Horse Missy field canter July 2014